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Name: Mr. Charlie
Mobile: +0086-15806693076 (wechat)
E-mail: sales@acrylicletter.com
E-mail: info@acrylicletter.com
Add: No 79-4,Yong An Street,Wendeng City,Shandong prinvince,China
Skype: mayacrylic
Skype: mayacrylic sales@acrylicletter.com info@acrylicletter.com

About Us
Wendeng Fuan Advertising Equipment Co.,Ltd established in 2006, located in Wendeng, Shandong province. We are one professional manufacturer of advertising equipment like Acrylic bender, large acrylic hot bending kit and metal bending tools, etc. 

    We've been in Acrylic letter tools this line for 7 years and we've been developing the easier tool to make 3D acrylic letter to improve effciency, the latest FARW-WJA&FARW-WHA Acrylic Bender are the easiest acrylic bending tools for acrylic letter now. It is developed from many old version of acrylic hot bending tool. Now it can make new hand can make acrylic letter easily.

    This acrylic bender is much easier to control than traditional heat gun and it also can save power against heat gun. Its power is only 60maximum against 1500W heat gun. 

     We're still trying to improving our current products and we will produce more easy tools for advertising.