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Large Acrylic Bending machine comparison
 First one is Water outlet material

The copycat are using the copper water outlet, the bronze looks really good and I think everyone think copper part will be better than others,
but you should know the basic thing is the water will corrode copper and make it rusty and get holes, which will cause water leak.
Beside this copper part price is not higher than our nylon material part.

Our water oulet is Nylon material,  the reason we use this material is this material do not inflate during water current flow and it do not have water corrosion problems

Second one is Alchrome Heating wire inside.
The copycat heating wire width is not even and its material is not pure Alchrome, if the material is not pure, that 
will cause part of different temperature. It cause part of Acrylic is soft and other part is still hard 
It will cause second time bending or part of Acrylic crack.

Our heating wire is made by screw pitch which will insure the width and have even temperature to bend acrylic sheet

Third is thermostat
Copycat's thermostat is common thermostat without heat dissipation base.

Our thermolator is Solid-state thermostat, theirs are common thermostat We also design 4 stands below this thermostat to make sure has better heat dissipation

Details determine success or failure.   

Hope all clients consider all details of products before purchase, ask me any questions about our large acrylic bending machines to email sales@acrylicletter.com