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Product name : Handheld acrylic bending tool
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As now there are many copycat products in market, please do check the comparison report regarding our orignal acrylic bender and copycat product as below link: 
 The Easiest Handheld Acrylic Bending tools to make Acrylic 3D letter

Easy to operate:  Easy to bend acrylic 90 ° Angle and round corner.
Advantage: Do not have smoke during bending. 
Power saving:  Maximum 60W power
Long life time: 50,000 hours life time 
Bending Thickness: 1.5mm to 4mm
Cheaper in Price:  Lower budget compare with Heat gunTorch & Acrylic Bending machines

2 years


Voltage: 100-240v

Power: Sharp corner 39W/ Round corner 60W

Surface temperature: 200℃±5%

Sharp Corner Bender heating size: 100mm X 2.5mm X2

Round Corner Bender heating size:100mm X50mm X2

Sharp Corner Bender Soften time3 Second

Round Corner BenderSoften time9 Second

( 2.5mm Thickness,indoor temperature 20℃)

Packing Size:
    1 Set Packing size:310mm X165mm X60mm  865g

One Carton Packing with 12 Sets : 520mm*370mm*315mm    12.5KG

Packing list:  

 1 Round Corner Bender

1 Sharp Corner Bender

 1 Acrylic Hook Knife (3 Blades)

 1  Teflon Film ( For PVC and KT board bending)

1 Guide video
       10 Glue tube(for drop glue)


Neutral Exporting Packing Pictures of Acrylic bender

Note: Customs Carton box with LOGO is available


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